Risk Control


The major tenets of risk control are knowledge, experience and preparation. At Trident Risk Advisors, we ask clients about their business goals and asset exposures in tandem. With this knowledge in hand, we use our risk management experience to evaluate coverage needs and exposure efficiency and determine a policy strategy. With a plan in place, we build out the perfect policy fit and place the risk in the optimal carrier package. Our proprietary RiskPRO360 process keeps us on track. Our in-house risk control experts continue this Trident True Value-add service from our first client meeting, throughout the first policy year and into subsequent renewals. Our collective client service goal is ultimately lowering the cost of risk over the long term.

Claims Handling


Claims service is all about accountability, attention to detail and timely follow up. At Trident Risk Advisors, we take a proactive role in assisting our clients as soon as we know a claim is about to be filed. Our experience shows that early knowledge and intervention in the claims process is a best practice that benefits all parties in terms of minimizing payment exposure. We call this exposure efficiency.

Our in-house team assumes a client advocacy position by following our client’s claim from submission to settlement. Where necessary, we deploy experts including insurance adjusters, attorneys, industry specialists, media experts and, in some cases, public adjusters. Managing the claims process is another example of our Trident True Value-add service pledge.

Trident Risk Advisors

Trident Risk Advisors