Trident’s carrier relationships play a key role in the company’s proficiency at developing well-conceived risk management solutions for customers. Knowing the degree of exposure efficiency for each client, finding the perfect carrier fit, and maintaining ongoing dialogue with the insured over the course of the coverage period is the Trident True business model.


Leveraging a Policy Plan

Traditional commercial insurance policies are designed to provide appropriate exposure coverage for the business policyholder.  In some cases, emphasis is placed on the cost of the insurance policy relative to a competitive carrier’s coverage.  In others, policy focus is on covering all risk contingencies, often at a higher premium cost.  One of the key benefits to a Trident Risk Advisors policy is the highly effective RiskPRO360 risk management process.  This proven business tool combines in-depth risk analysis and policy development with overall insured business goals.  TRA prides itself in bringing this process into the development of a cost effective insurance policy.


Monitoring Risk Advantages

All too often in today’s business world, commercial risk insurance packages are bound in a matter of weeks and expected to cover any losses that may occur.  In some risk management circles, this approach is referred to as “sleep insurance” (policy in place with peace of mind).  Trident Risk Advisors takes a more proactive role in thinking about the total risk and its exposures. Trident’s holistic approach has advantages such as: improved interface between business and risk exposure goals, intense review of past year coverage (gaps, costs and markets) and ongoing monitoring of exposure experience for the life of the policy.  The result – no surprises, better coverage and, in almost all cases, a lower cost of risk looking forward.


Proactive Ongoing Evaluation

Trident Risk Advisors takes the task of monitoring and evaluating policy-year progress to a higher level than competitors.  Regular contact with clients is standard procedure, and risk managers will often conduct reviews on site, including evaluation of changing company conditions or help with safety training.

Trident’s commitment is to client service first, and the Trident True Value Statements include respect, excellence, service, passion, ethics, integrity, caring and teamwork.  To review the full seven Value Statements, Click Here.

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