One of Trident Risk Advisors philosophies is to fully understand the scope of a potential risk in order to develop the optimal risk management strategies required in each individual situation.  To this end, the Trident team has developed a proprietary risk assessment process — RiskPRO360.  The system evaluates all risk needs and objectives, develops a custom risk management plan and monitors the plan’s implementation and progress.

TRA Risk Assessment – 4 Stages RiskPRO360-Logo-300px


stage-one-2Assess Risk

  • Understand your business — including goals, company objectives and expected outcomes
  • Identify coverage gaps, unprotected assets and “financial leakage” via cost of risk analysis
  • Evaluate your current risk management program, best practices and resource capabilities

stage-two-3Develop Plan

  • Customize a risk management plan, insurance structure and a results-driven strategy
  • Tailor risk management strategies to address your company’s unique business needs
  • Focus total risk solution on asset protection, cost reduction and maximizing company profits

Action Plan

  • Determine dedicated resources to drive efficient execution and plan implementation
  • Utilize a “best practices” approach to better leverage risk management and policy plan
  • Action plan structure must stay continuously focused on reducing the overall cost of risk


  • Continuous action plan monitoring, management and improvement over four quarters
  • Detailed analytics and performance metrics to better drive decision-making and outcomes
  • Quantify risk management results in tandem with overall business results (assess TRA value)

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Identifying Exposure Efficiency

Prior to developing a comprehensive risk management strategy and insurance plan, TRA puts a premium on a thorough examination of the in-force policies.  The TRA risk analysis experts perform a detailed and technical review of existing coverage with specific business operations in mind to evaluate potential coverage deficiencies or opportunities to strengthen a prospective client’s overall coverage.  We call this analysis “Consultative Risk Assessment” and we have considerable experience demonstrating this value-add to our clients over the years.

Ongoing Data Analysis

Another critical component of the RiskPRO360 program is its devotion to working closely with its client to monitor ongoing risk management metrics.  We help set up tracking systems to track claim history, frequency, payments as well as the direct and indirect costs associated with claims.  It is important to compare current as well as prior years data to identify patterns, trends as well as loss severity. TRA emphasizes proactive risk control procedures proven to reduce the total cost of risk.  If a given policy year’s risk management plan is designed to be in sync with the client’s overall business objectives and strategies, cost controls become a natural outcome of business planning.

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